Submission Guidelines

a note: when submitting things via email, please specify

the latter is important because, if somebody edits a piece you submit (mostly just for spelling or grammar things, as we have a good number of english-as-a-second-language people around) we can then get back to you with the edited version and confirm that it's ok and not ruining your artistic style and things. if you don't say anything, we'll try to mail you and, if there's no reply, use the edited version, so if you don't want that i guess don't submit your thing, or provide some other means of contact besides email and i'll try through there as well.

super excited to see what everybody comes up with. thanks for reading!


This document was created from need, and desire. The lainzine has outgrown such ephemeral infrastructure as a suggestive thread post, IRC message or even thoughts drafted yesteryear. Yet these media found the zine as it was, and so remain foundational to its content.

I still believe that lainchan continues to develop into a distinct scene from its intersecting communities. There's much you're expected to check at the door, and increasingly more to immerse in. There have always been deeper mysteries, available to anyone with the curiosity to dig deeper. And curious people are always encouraged to share their knowledge, work, and experience. Things have been a bit different lately - as I write this, we wait for kalyx to return from airforce training, while new voices enter our community, in spheres of communication some fear will break lainchan. I believe we'll survive. Things have always been a bit different, not as an unshown claim to alienation but rather the changes in our community and medium. We remain unique in cyberspace, and I believe that will remain.

The lainzine will likely not accept content that seems to be low-effort or generic. We avoid the directly political, at least in the sense of the ongoing conflict endemic to the rest of the wired, and reality. These tensions inescapably manifest, but within a thoughtful detachment, mutual respect and community. So no, we are not going to publish your manifesto against SJWs. We are not a platform for external agenda, you have the entire rest of the internet to do that.

Lainchan is often called cyberpunk, however this does not entail fetishistic veneration of a particular aesthetic, or even technology. Many of us are of the opinion that techno-fetishism killed cyberpunk. I am of the opinion that cyberpunk killed cyberpunk. Worshipping the label, maximizing essential tropes and effectively succumbing to another brand stifles creativity. The genre you know as cyberpunk was once called The Movement: a subversive, rebellious effort within and against science fiction. So be experimental, be subversive and be genuine.

You might be inclined to submit content describing illegal activities. You are free to do so. However, we will remove misinformation and advice that will get lains hurt, or arrested. Think less Anarchist's Cookbook and more Recipes For Disaster.

In general, the lainzine publishes what gets submitted. More recently, we've actually had enough content to reject pieces, but we've typically revised the content we have recieved instead to improve its quality. This practice will probably remain in future releases, which means that the lainzine is ultimately shaped by what you send it. If you think there's too little of something, consider submitting it yourself. If you'd like to learn something new from us, consider us an inspiration to learn, and share your findings in the next release.

Finally, it seems that lists of concrete examples are inevitably satisfied, so here's some cool ideas for you to submit to the lainzine:

There's a lot, lot more that can go into the lainzine. This was all meant to be inspiration, for more I highly recommend another's thoughts linked at the top of the document. So what are you waiting for? Submit!